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June 15-16-17, 2007 







Pour les francophones voir ici.





For editing this wiki: click on "Edit page" - The password is c4mp



WineCamp blog - including FAQ


Voir cette page pour avoir plus de reseignments à propos des directions, les trains, co-voiturage, etc.

See this page for more info about driving directions, trains, and ridesharing.



The details


Who ?

  • Regular Barcampers from all over the world and people who work at non-profits are welcome!
  • Everyone who wants to share, learn and contribute ideas about improving tech potential for non-profits.
  • Any open source activist can participate.


All "in order to explore how the new wave of social apps that are all so near and dear to us can help bring about an evolution in the tools that non-profits use. And ideally, many of these will be or become open source...!"


What ?

Keep the core values of Barcamp and add:

  • a focus on NPO/NGO needs
  • a far-from-the-city environment
  • a first day without wifi
  • a camping ambience with good wine, good food and bonfire
  • a second day with wifi



Where ?




45 minutes from Geneva

45 minutes from Lausanne (boat)

15 minute from Evian


Click on the map to zoom




For rideshare / transportation information, go to the RideShare page.



When ?

June 15-16-17, 2007



Page d'enregistrement / Attendee and Organizer Registration Page



Nonprofit technology resource page



A faire / To do list



Who's writing about this?

- Chris Messina on 'Round the Bar Campfire

- Greg Beuthin on Goat at Large

- Stephanie Booth on Climb to the Stars

- Gregoire Japiot on omidyar.net

- Tim Bonnemann (brief) on Plansphere

- Hagen Graf on machm-it.org's blog


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