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From the begining of the winecamp adventure, someone has proposed the idea of fundraising ( http://barcamp.org/WineCampFundraiser ).


Since 5 years I work on a concept of wine and fundraising.


What about finding a sustainable way for winecamp and wine & solidarity fundraising?


Here is the idea, shortly represented on this drawing:







1. Winemakers propose their wines for a very fair price (lower than the current market price)


Why do they propose a so fair price?


  • for the good cause of course
  • for having a great communication about their Domaine (brand) with showing their support to NPOs/NGOs (think about fairtrade-like marketing)
  • we propose in return the possibility to have an evaluation from experts (geeks, bar/winecampers) about their website, their use of softwares for their business, and more generally great advices concerning all technological issues
  • farther, we can think about proposing some open source solutions dedicated for the wine industry


2. With this fair buying price, we can make a significant margin with staying with a competitive price


Then, we cut this margin in 3 equal parts :


  • Part 1: for funding some NPOs/NGOs

NPOs/NGOs encourage their members and supporters to stop buying wine somewhere else than here.

They make themselves the viral Pinko-like communication/marketing:

"very good wines, for fair prices AND with funding our NPO!!! wow!"


  • Part 2: for funding a special open source' developers piggy-bank

This funds will be used when there's a need for developing or translating some open source tools.

A way to help in financing open source work.


  • Part 3: for paying the winecamp association/community/company

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