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Directions and travel times


Driving directions from Evian-les-Bains


Finding the chalet at Saint-Paul-en-Chablais



(For more details see original size).



Gare plus proche / Closest train station: ÉVIAN-LES-BAINS 74500

Durée / travel time: Paris - Evian-les-Bains = 4h30 (55 Euros)


Voiture / Car

45mins - Geneva

15mins - Evian

3h45 - Paris


Bateau / boat

45 - Lausanne


Offres de transport / Ride share - carpooling offers / (deutsch)


If you can offer a ride, please enter your name, your origin, your arrival date, number of seats, and date of departure. Other people can enter their names in "sign ups".


Nom/Name/NameOrigine/OriginArrive/Arrival datePlaces/Number of seatsInscrits/Sign-upsDépart/Departure dateInscrits/Sign-ups
Gregoire JapiotDijonFriday4Monday


Recherche transport / Rideshare - carpooling requests


If you don't see an offer above, but still need a ride, please put your information down below.


People arriving by train who need to be picked up should put their names down!


Nom/Name/NameOrigine/OriginArrive/Arrival dateDépart/Departure dateComment contacter/How to get in touch with you
Example person2LausanneSamedi matinDimanche matinXYZ sur Skype
Example person3Evian (closest train station)Friday noonAnytime Sundayphone number 123


Commentaires / Comments


I plan to arrive at the chalet early in the afternoon on friday. I can pick some people at different stations on my way: I can of course pick people at the Dijon station, but I can also propose to pick people who come from Paris at the Macon TGV station. This train leave Paris at 10h30 and stop at Macon at 12h00. Macon is just about 2 hours from the chalet. See timetable below concerning this Paris-Macon TGV. I can also pick people at Geneva station and/or airport arround 14h00. And I will of course propose as many picking as needed at the Evian station or port as it's just 10 minutes from the chalet. For people who could arrive through Lausanne, see below the timetables for arriving on friday or sturday, and leaving on sunday. -- Gregoire



Train Paris->Macon



Boat Lausanne->Evian



Boat Evian->Lausanne


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