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Brainstorming phase


WineCampFrance will be the second winecamp, and, as a second, it has to deal with the identity of the-1st-after-the-1st... So:


1. All the feedback, ideas and "lessons learnt" from the winecampers who were at the Ferriere vineyard are welcome!

How all that bricks contribute to the success of winecamp:




2. We need to enlighten all the interesting first seeds that need a steady through the gazillion upcoming winecamp all other the world.

How can we progress step by step?

Which logical sessions need to be proposed for the next winecamp in order to go farther with these ideas?

See WineCampCalaveras



3. Which complementary features could be added for improving winecamp?



4. How to optimize the transversal collaborations?

The next winecamp, WineCampFrance, will take place in an other country, another continent.

We have to deal with all the difficulties from the Babel heritage (language and culture), but, most of all, with this amazing potential of collaboration and uplift that comes from the cultural mix of like minded communities.

See WineCampFrance for a concrete exemple of problems and potential of a multi-lingual/cultural collaboration