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What is WineCamp?


WineCamp is an ad-hoc gathering that brings together the best of the old world and the new... wine, non-profits and geeks!


It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It follows the rules of BarCamp



Read about others experiences from WineCamp



Notes on UsingTheBarCampWiki. (Someone please help us update this for WineCamp!)


What's New


Update 2007-04-07: WineCampGenevaLake is confirmed for June 15-17th, 2007, near Lake Geneva.


Update 2006-09-20: WineCampFrance is adjourned


Update 2006-08-04: WineCampFrance will take place in "Bourgogne" on 22-24 September 2006


Update 2006-06-13: WineCampBrainstorming, a hub for brainstorming about the future of winecamp, its community model etc.


Update 2006-06-09: Just added a placeholder for WineCampCalaveras. There you'll find the SmokingGoat's report back on some of the discussions we had about technology strategies in the developing world.


Hey you! Help us organize this Wiki so it's like the BarCamp wiki!


There are a couple ways to contribute to this project


The password is c4mp.


  1. Add your comments, stories, suggestions, resources, etc. to WineCampBrainstorming.

  3. Join the WineCamp discussion group:


    Homepage: http://groups.google.com/group/WineCamp
    Group email: WineCamp at googlegroups dot com
    Description: Anyone interested in having conversations about winecamp



  5. Share this wiki with others. It's easy

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